Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office Welcomes New K-9 Recruit

The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office is welcoming a new team member.

K-9 Klouse is the department’s newest four-legged officer. Klouse has been with the department for a few weeks now.

The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office recently retired their K-9 Nico, after he served the community for years.

Now, the department has a new recruit.

“We had him in operation for about eight years and it was time where he was getting older and there is a service life for those dogs,” said Sheriff Michael Borkovich. “So he was replaced with a new dog, Klouse.”

When K-9 Nico retired, a local family stepped up to make sure the county wasn’t without its K-9 unit.

“Klouse was purchased for us by a local family and the individual who made that happen has since passed away. Wonderful members of the community and it’s about a $15,000 operation to get a dog up and running,” says Sheriff Borkovich.

Now, K-9 Klouse works with Corporal Ryan Lott, running through scenarios at their Sheriff’s training facility.

“So we’ll do some obedience every day,” said Corporal Ryan Lott. “During the work hours we also do a lot of narcotics hikes, we’ll do some unknown tracks and apprehension work.”D1c0372c 293a 4cf7 9152 26d259728934

K-9 Klouse has had a long journey, even around the world, before calling Leelanau County home.

 “From Poland he was trained in the basic stuff, and then in Eaton Rapids Mike Morgan trained him in the drugs and imprinting and then was turned over to me,” says Corporal Lott. “Now he treats me like I’m his dad and he’s just great to work with.”

Sheriff Michael Borkovich says he looks forward to seeing the relationship between K-9 Klouse and Corporal Lott continue to grow.

 “As you can see he doesn’t leave Corporal Lott’s side. They’re very close and they already have this tremendous bond established. It’ll be fun to watch them operate,” says Sheriff Borkovich.

K-9 Klouse will be on duty, helping to protect the community for the next six to eight years.