Brewvine: Outdoor Service and Special Rosé at Bowers Harbor Vineyards

Bowers Harbor Vineyards on Old Mission Peninsula takes pride in its eco-friendly growing practices and its family and dog friendly vineyard.

Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you to Bowers Harbor to check out some of the new wines they are releasing this year.

“I think a number of us were probably overlooking the asset that we have right out here outside and we noticed that particularly when we started our outdoor service a number of years ago, the outstanding response to all of our visitors is that they love being outside and they feel very safe, and just think it’s a new trend that we’re going to see for the years to come,” said owner Spencer Stegenga.

Bowers Harbor has embraced that trend and has setup several spaces throughout their 14 acre vineyard for wine lovers to partake in their popular pinot grigio.

Bowers also uses that pinot gris to keep up with the latest wine trends by turning it into their own special rosé.

“Many of us don’t think about drinking the pink wine, really it’s becoming quite popular,” he said. “So, we have been making rosé since 2000 dry in style, and now we are doing it actually with a slight bubble so it’s a pino seco rosé. So it’s made with a little bit of pinot noir but mostly pinot grigio, and we also have a regular pinot seco and it’s something that we came up with, because it’s made with a pinot varietal, and it’s something that we are very happy and proud of. We’re the flagship producer of pinot grigio in the state of Michigan, and thought what better to have it with a little bit of effervescence so we’re really excited about the new pinot seco rosé.”

If you prefer your wine without the sparkle, Bowers Harbor has teamed up with a couple small vineyards on the Peninsula to create two new still offerings.

“So we have a couple of new releases this year in addition to the pinot seco rosé, we have a gruner veltliner from a really cool vineyard right down the road called Lone Silo it’s off of Bluff Road and then also another neat wine called pinot blanc from a vineyard that’s right up the road also, it comes from a small vineyard called Chicken Ranch and we’re really excited to release those,” said Stegenga.

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