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Traverse City Community Gathers for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day

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According to the White House, there are still thousands of unsolved cases of missing and murdered Native Americans.

Activists have been marking May 5th as Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Day since 2017.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden made it official.

The President declared May 5th as Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day.

On Wednesday, community members lined Grandview Parkway in Traverse City to remember those they have lost.

Families prayed and held a sacred dance.

Now, they’re asking the community for the necessary resources in order to bring justice.

“This needs to be brought forth for our people, for our ladies, for protection, for awareness to bring forth that we need to find these lost sisters and help these sisters that are lost within an abusive relationship, as well,” said Theressa Pelcher.

Community members say they will continue to gather each year until there is justice for missing and murdered indigenous people.

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