From Michigan, With Love: Country Dairy & Thornburg and Company

Friend of ‘the four’ Franklin Dohanyos shares why the west side of the state is putting out some great products when it comes to ice cream goodness and all-natural jelly and jams. He shows us

where to find these delights in this edition of From Michigan, With Love.

County Dairy in New Era has to have the best ice creams I have ever had,” he said. “They use 16-percent cream instead of 10-percent cream like other brands”. Franklin said the extra cream makes it smoother and richer. According to Country Dairy, their products are certified non-GMOs since 2017, and the cows are even fed non-GMO feed. Besides ice cream, they also offer cheeses, and countless other dairy and beef products.

“Now, let’s head to Holland, Michigan where you’ll find Thornburg and Company, they offer a unique selection of gourmet fruit preserves, honey, maple syrups,” explained Franklin. “They’re all-natural and cooked by hand in small batches”. Their flavors include adventurous combos like raspberries and jalapenos and made with Michigan-grown goods.

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