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What’s Growing With Tom: Preparing the Raised Beds

Good evening northern Michigan. It was finally a day with sunshine and warmth. Just a beautiful day and feeling like spring.

For those of you making new raised garden beds this is your episode. We made our beds a few years ago. They were built a few foot off the ground to keep the back from hurting when harvesting. You can find a wide selection by doing a google search:

Choose your plan and build it but don’t recommend using pressure-treated wood. Just use plain wood, painting it after to protect it from the elements. Afterwards, You can line the bed with plastic to make sure nothing contaminates the soil and vegetables.

First, a top soil blend is put down in the bed but that soil has weeds. So, we put newspaper in here to separate the top soil blend from Veggie Doo 301 – A weed-free product.

Calculating how much you need to easy by going . It calculates either by the yard or by bag, whichever works for you. Veggie Doo 301 has Dairy Doo, worm castings, minerals from all over the United States and outside the world.

The next step is filling up the beds. It’s not back-breaking work but you will likely break a sweat!

Be sure to fill it to the top and water it down… a solid soaking where it’s damp down a good four inches. Don’t worry about the extra soil on top, it will settle and be fine for growing season.

It’s a good day project and it won’t be too long before you’ll be filling the bed with plants or seeds. In a few weeks.