Local Car Detailers See An Increase in Business During Pandemic As Eating Habits Change

Local car detailers are seeing an increase in business during the pandemic due to people spending more time in their vehicles.

“It gets messy fast,” says Luke Turowski, who lives in Traverse City.

From takeout bags, napkins to wrappers, vehicles during the pandemic have seen their share of trash.

“I have two kids, one goes to school right now and the other stays at home with me, so they can mess up the car pretty quick,” says Turowski.

Turowski says the pandemic has changed his lifestyle from eating at the table, to the front seat of his car:

“I find myself sitting at the parking lot of the school for quite some time as well, eating in it, because I spend some time in there.”

That’s why Turowski says it was time to get the professionals involved.

Northern Detailing LLC in Traverse City says business has gone up more than 50 percent during the pandemic.

Owner Andrew Bates says, “We definitely have a huge increase in phone calls. We’re scheduled out easily a month, if not more, and we usually stay that way.”

Bates says although the pandemic has changed people’s habits, customers are more aware of cleaning common spaces, like their vehicles.

“I believe because of COVID people want their vehicles sanitized and clean, and it’s very important to keep up with your vehicle,” says Bates.

So, with every spray, wipe and wax… Bates says they’re ready for another busy year:

“We’re already booked a month out, and I feel like it’s going to continue that way.”

Whereas Turowski says he’s looking forward to not eating in his car as frequently as more restaurants open up their dining rooms.

“It’s been a long, long road. We’re all hoping that we can open back up soon with the vaccine getting out there,” says Turowski. “Hopefully we can get everything rolling.”

Bates says through this pandemic, he’s thankful for his customers and employees:

“I wanna thank my crew for sticking it out in hard times and thank the community for their ongoing support.”