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Inside The Kitchen: Terrain in Bellaire

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“You have a meal here, ideally, it feels like this restaurant could only exist in this place at this time,” said chef and co-owner at Terrain, Randy Minish.

This place, at this time, is now Terrain in downtown Bellaire. It combines regional flavors and ingredients, and whisks in regional concepts.

“It’s Terrain, so in a perfect world you’d want to make a salad that looks like you could trip over it in the forest,” he said.

The space where Chef Randy now makes creations like this bacon-wrapped pate of Great Lakes white fish is very familiar to him.

“Growing up in Bellaire, I ended up getting a job at local restaurant called Lulu’s Bistro, which was the original restaurant in the building we are standing in right now,” Randy said.

General Manager and co-owner, Jenna Minish, also worked here.

“This building helped me pay for some college classes definitely,” Jenna said with a smile.

As well as co-owner and CFO, Shana Minish.

“When I was 20,” she said.

“It is a building that three local kids got together slapped the paint on the walls and decided to go for it,” she said.

They’re more than local kids.

The three co-owners are siblings.

“There’s no other people I’d rather be doing this with, just the best decision that could have been made,” she said. “We are definitely a lot closer having done this together.”

Randy, Jenna and Shana grew up sharing meals together, and now they’re sharing meals like the Great Lakes white fish with you.

“Every time I have it I think oh my gosh, this is why we sell so much of this dish, it’s just fantastic,” said Jenna.

“Familiar and comfortable, but also something that has some interesting ideas,” said Randy.

“Randy has been a wonderful chef for many, many, many moons but you know in the last probably 5 or 6 years we started to tease, ‘well if we opened a place,’” said Jenna.

“It’s kind of a cheat code because we all know what we are thinking or have like a good idea,” said Shana.

“It’s kind of a fairy book scenario,” said Randy.

Easy for them to welcome you in as family here in Bellaire because that’s what they are.

“To have someone occupy this space that really understands Bellaire, no matter what we are doing they anticipate our heart is in the right spot because this is our town too,” said Jenna.

You can call Terrain at 231-350-7301, and find them at 213 N. Bridge Street in Bellaire.

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