Doppler 9&10 STEM: How Heavy is a Cloud?

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We’ve all seen them, but we don’t think much about them. Clouds are a part of everyday life here on earth, but we never give them much thought.

Did you know they are heavy….like really heavy?

A simple cumulus cloud can weigh 1 million pounds!

Now I know what your thinking, how on earth is this floating over my head?

The answer is simple! Clouds are made up of very small drops of water floating around together will a bunch of air molecules.  So it’s easy for the air to keep those droplets afloat and together as a cloud!

Thunderstorms can be massive and much denser (less air between the drops of water).

So the average thunderstorm has 1 million tons of water! That is enough water to fill up 400 Olympic swimming pools!


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