Mecosta County Hosts Local Gift Card Scavenger Hunt

The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting many industries hard, including tourism.

Michigan Visitor Bureaus across the state are coming together to promote each other’s local businesses through a gift card scavenger hunt during National Travel and Tourism week.

“We’re trying to promote tourism, not just individual communities, but we’re trying to promote it for each other through the whole state,” said Mecosta County Visitors Bureau Executive Director Connie Koepke.

This week, you can find clues to different areas around Mecosta County on the Visitors Bureau’s Facebook page.

“When you solve one of the scavenger hunt questions, you just need to post a photo, send it in our Facebook messenger, and then we’ll give you information on where you need to travel next to reach the final destination,” said Koepke.

The winner receives a a prize pack of $100 gift cards from both local and statewide businesses.

“This gives us an opportunity to not only promote our communities directly, but also we’re going to be giving away prizes to other communities typically within like a two and a half hour or further radius,” said Koepke. “We’re encouraging those folks to get in the car, drive, maybe stop to a few other communities on their way here and stop at the restaurants, stop at the local venues, see some of the attractions, just try and encourage people to get out and explore all of what Michigan has to offer.”

One of those participating businesses is The Painted Turtle Gift Shop in Big Rapids. They donated two $50 gift cards for this event.

“We’re really excited to participate,” said gift shop manager Stacie Wright. “They can visit new places that they maybe haven’t been to before, or even if you have, just to have maybe a gift to go in with to spend a little bit of money.”

Wright said this past year has been slow for them, business-wise, but things are starting to pick back up, and she hopes the scavenger hunt will be a good excuse for people to travel to Big Rapids, and other communities.

“We’ve been cooped up for a long time so it’s just I think it’ll be good for everyone to get out there and visit different places in Michigan.”

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