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The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Water Safety Reminder

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May is National Water Safety Month and The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project is reminding people venturing to the lakefront, to enjoy the water from a distance.

Although weekend temperatures will be nice, it comes with strong winds and cold water temperatures.

Sudden immersion into cold water can cause cold water shock, hyperventilation gasp reflex and incapacitated swimming ability.

Drownings can happen within minutes and hypothermia can set in in less than an hour.

The group says those who may consider kayaking or Stand-up Paddle boarding should wear wetsuits, lifejackets and understand that offshore winds and/or side-offshore winds can blow them fast and far from shore, with little chance of making it back to the shore.

2020 was the deadliest year on Lake Michigan since 2010, with 56 drownings.

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