Soo Area High School Seniors Take on their Future for National Decision Day

May 1 is National Decision Day for high school seniors who officially decide where they may further their education. It was a day early today in Sault SteScreen Shot 2021 04 30 At 24635 Pm Marie, where seniors made that choice known to their high school peers during lunch hour. College Decision Day is inspired by the NCAA’s National Signing Day for athletes.   The day is to reinforce that excellence in the classroom, or workforce, should be given as much pomp and circumstance as excellence as an athlete.

Whether going on to a 4 year, or community college, trade school, or working right after high school, today was important for everyone.

“Every senior is going to be called up and be given a card with their photo and where they have chosen to go after high school,” said Susy Talentino, a SAHS counselor. “And, they get to display that card on the wall to show that commitment to what they are doing after high school.  We are leaving them up through graduation so all the parents can see them.  It’s really important for the 9th, 10th and 11th graders to see them as well so they can start thinking about their futures”.

“Now I am ready,” expressed SAHS senior, Brooke Baker. “I feel as though my education here has got me prepared for college.  I’m really excited about where we all end up and what we end up doing with our lives”.

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