GTPulse: Thanks for taking the time

Almost two years ago I moved up here right after college graduation with nothing but a garbage bag full of my stuff, a tiny apartment on top of a hill, and an assignment to write five newsletters a week of lighthearted stories about the Grand Traverse area and the people in it. I had assured my boss I could do it, but at the time I was absolutely terrified that I wouldn’t be able to. Now, on my last day writing for GTPulse I can feel good knowing that’s exactly what I did.

Moving to a new place is intimidating. But with a job like this my fears quickly dissipated. With each new story I got to meet a new person, and so many of those people have ended up becoming friends. I’ve written almost 500 of these newsletters. Needless to say, that’s a lot of friends!

The other day I conducted my last story interview for this job. At the end of our conversation, my story subject expressed gratefulness for my interest. He ended our call with, “Thanks for taking the time.”

I always got a kick out of story subjects telling me that. I could say the same to them! All of these folks that I’ve written on have pursued things they’re passionate about, and through these things, the community grows better and stronger.

I’ve written about a lot of artists, chefs, farmers, small business owners, but I’ve also written about a lot of moments. Like a family finding their long lost cat after a year, or a neighborhood newspaper started up by little kids. I’ve gotten to interview people on farms, in homes, porches, studio spaces, restaurants, trails, beaches, cottages, parks, and even once on a plane. Through it all, I’ve come to know Northern Michiganders as kind and good people. When I think about it, there’s so much to be grateful for. 

Telling these stories has been a pleasure and privilege I’ll hold dear to me for the rest of my life.

Over the past few days I’ve hemmed and hawed over what to say on this last day of writing “the pulse.” I’ve decided that these things are best made simple. I leave you with my infinite adoration and gratitude. I’m still tickled to death that folks want to read what I put out there. Thanks for taking the time.

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