Cadillac Veterans Serving Veterans Receive Donation from Rotary Club

The Cadillac Veterans Serving Veterans organization received a generous donation to continue their community park development.

Img 5590The Rotary Club of Cadillac dedicated their 2021 auction earnings to the veterans’ organization so they could build the next step of the park project.

The Rotary Club usually holds an annual auction, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to shift to a virtual auction.

They donated over $23,000 to Veterans Serving Veterans on Tuesday.

“It means a lot,” said Randy Hill, President of the Rotary Club of Cadillac. “This group is such a huge component of our community they do great things, not only for the veterans who have served but also just community at large.”

“Five years ago we had this vision of the park,” said Roger Bandeen, Director of Veterans Serving Veterans. “Our first priority was the food bank and providing, food and sustenance for our veterans. But now we’ve turned the corner, we’re now having some time and some money to be able to focus on building things for the community out here in the park.”

The money will go toward the construction of their picnic pavilion which they’ll start building in June.

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