Northern Michigan Schools Prepare for Second Round of Pandemic-Era Graduation Ceremonies

Schools across northern Michigan have started planning graduation ceremonies with pandemic precautions in mind.

Like most things in 2020, high school graduations looked different from smaller ceremonies to in some cases, drive up or drive through ceremonies.

Schools like Benzie Central held an in person ceremony last year and hope to do the same this year.

“This is a monumental achievement in their lives. They work so very hard and especially in the last 2 years, they have overcome some significant obstacles to get there, and we just want to make sure we celebrate them,” said Superintendent Amiee Erfourth.

Baldwin Community Schools is also planning an in person ceremony after delivering diplomas to senior’s homes last year.

“Plan A right now is to do something indoors with limited seating, giving our graduates a set number of tickets to distribute to you know family and friends as they see fit. Plan B, if things change and we can’t do something indoors based on you know orders from the state, we will do something in the parking lot some sort of a drive-in,” said Jr/Sr High Principal Garth Cornwell.

And many of these plans hinge on orders from the state health department.

“That’s been the part of this whole thing is, is coming up with a plan and then a contingency plan and a contingency for your contingency,” said Cornwell.

“We continue to monitor those closely. we’re hoping to see some positive movement and the next order that’s coming out in May on the 21st, so hopefully something good will come from that and we’ll have some more opportunities and options available to us,” said Erfourth.

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