What’s Growing With Tom: Getting the Lawn Ready

Good evening Northern Michigan! It’s Season Three with What’s Growing with Tom, and Justin Morgan from Morgan composting is joining me today.

This week we are not talking about the raised beds but the lawn. Something we’ve been talking about for a few years.

We know it’s been a roller coaster of a Spring so far and for some, you may have already cut your lawn!

We took soil samples three years ago and again just a few weeks ago and need to compare the two.

Justin says everything is looking great!  Our PH is good to go. No problems.

As for organic matter…. WOW! The improvement over the last 3 years is incredible!

Why is it so important? “Putting dairy products on the lawn helps build carbon and stuff and its sponges and organic matter biology. It’s all great stuff for our soils! So the organic matter is doing phenomenal, I’m just super impressed went from two to two almost four, so that’s great, that’s great.”

All right, all the things we’ve talked about nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium right where it should be.

Morgan composting’s Safe Green Lawn has no phosphorus to protect our aquifers from algae blooms.

So what’s the plan for the law and what kind of adjustments will we make to any applications?

We’re are going to add a little more potash, we’ll do some organic potash out here, and then we’re gonna fall right behind it with a 10-zero-4 with the safe green lawn, the organic fertilizer you guys been putting on for the last couple years.

Next week, we are at the raised beds making sure you are setting things up the right way for this year’s plants.

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