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Artist Profile: Joe and Sarah Hull

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A creative couple from Montmorency County used the pandemic as a way to accomplish one of their life-long dreams. Now, you can view their work and more, at their gallery in Atlanta, Michigan. They share their journey and inspirations, in this Artist Profile.

Who are you?

Sarah: I’m Sarah.

Joe: And, I’m Joe Hull. And, we’re the owners of in Atlanta, Michigan.

How did you get started?

Joe: I’ve always been artistic. And, you know, as a kid my friends and family always encouraged me. And then, going through working at a factory for years and years, I always moonlighted my artwork. And, it just kept going, and we started doing art shows. During the pandemic and corona, we were shut down at work, so we took that time to pursue our dreams of opening up our own art gallery.

Sarah: So far, it’s been going really well.

What is your favorite medium?

Joe: I’ve been prolific in many mediums. Stained glass, airbrushing, and I went to college for graphic design. I really enjoyed oil painting, but kind of developed a sensitivity to that. But, I’m really enjoying acrylic painting, especially because it offers me the opportunity to teach classes.

Sarah: Mine is a fiber. I’ve always used fiber since I was young, and my mom was a seamstress, and I always tried to follow patterns and do things like that. But, I would always go off on my own and figure it out by myself.

Where do you find inspiration?

Joe: We find inspiration in pretty much everything we do, like long drives, or the adventures we make together.

What do you want people to take from your work?

Joe: A moment to kind of stop in the world, and everything that is going on. And, the hustle of it all. The feeling of knowing art in their lives, and just appreciate it.

Sarah: Yeah, the love and the beauty of it.

You can find Sarah Hull’s works on or .

To see more of Joe Hull’s creations go to or .

to check out 32-West Art Gallery.

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