Shocking Video Leading Up to Shooting at Mt. Pleasant Apartment, Two CMU Students Injured

'The very loud scream of terror showcased something else was really going on'

The search continues for the suspects involved in a shooting at an apartment complex near Central Michigan University this weekend.

Mt. Pleasant police were called to Deerfield Village Apartments early Saturday morning after reports of hearing gunshots fired.

When officers arrived, they found two students had been shot.

“The very loud scream of terror showcased something else was really going on,” says Gordon Meier, who lives in the apartment complex next door.

Meier says the events early Saturday morning were nothing short of terrifying:

“My roommate was out on a front porch of an apartment complex here in Lexington, and he did hear shot followed by a scream, very loud like fearful scream.”

Police say before the shooting, a fight broke out at a party. That’s when someone went to a vehicle, got a gun, and began firing at the party.

“This type of event happens and it’s just so shocking. No one would expect this to happen here,” says Meier.

Two students were shot.

CMU senior, Tyler Bunting, who is in stable condition and CMU quarterback John Keller, shot in the chest and was in critical condition. On Monday, Keller is reported to be in more stable condition.

CMU head football coach Jim McElwain says the whole team is hurting.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to those two students, one of those, obviously, John Keller, who was a huge part of this football family, brother, a friend, to our team, this university.”

Meier records video for the football team during practice.

He says he’s praying for Keller and his family.

“This was literally a teammate that I was filming the few days before like, it’s kind of shocking to be like now he’s in the ER like fighting for his life,” says Meier.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Keller and his family. You can donate here:

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warrant for a male suspect from southeast Michigan. They are currently not releasing the name of the suspect until an arrest is made.

If anyone has information, such as cell phone video, social media pertinent discussions and/or information please contact the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office as followed: (Private message our page) (under the Sheriff’s Office tab in the anonymous tip section)

Case Detective’s number: 989-779-3346