62nd Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Celebrates Annual Parade

Shepherd ended their annual Maple Syrup Festival on Sunday.

Typically the fest runs from Thursday to Sunday, but due to COVID they had to shorten it by two days.

Kids and families lined Wright Avenue for the 62nd Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Parade.

Even though somethings this year were changed, the festival committee says the weekend was still packed with events.

Peter Alexander, a member of the festival committee, said, “We changed some things like arts and craft, we didn’t have them this year so we didn’t have to go into the school. The car show we did have, tractor pull, horse pull— events that we could have outside.”

They say members of the community have been itching for an opportunity to get together once again.

“I think people are really just wanting and needing to get out and do something. Some place to go, the weather has helped,” said Alexander. 

Alexander was the grand marshal for this year‘s parade, but says it’s those who donate their time that make the festival what it is.

“It’s an quite an honor but again it’s the people, it’s the volunteers that make the festival. They all just come together,” says Alexander.

Public relations chair, Jon Morgan, says this festival is more than just about coming together but holding onto tradition.Eb531aa3 27aa 4e94 A7d1 Acc7b37a2d35

“I think that this was an opportunity for people to kind of come together and come together for something that’s a tradition and just had a little bit of something for everyone,” said Morgan. 

He says their goal is to help families have lasting moments.

“It just sort of dawned on me that a lot of this involves passing down things to our kids and to our family members and creating memories. I think that’s somewhere at the core of this,” says Morgan.

The festival committee says they look forward to having a full length festival next year.