Wife of Former NFL Player Diagnosed with ALS Writes Book on Caregiving, Opens Up About How Its Changed Her Life

It is a call no one wants to receive, your loved one has been diagnosed with a series, debilitating illness and they will need you to step up and become06 their caregiver.

That’s a call Chanda Minor-Brigance knows all too well. 14 years ago, she became caregiver for her husband, former NFL player O.J. Brigance, after he was diagnosed with ALS. The pair has remained strong in their marriage and continues to enjoy life together, even while facing unthinkable challenges.

She is now teaching little ones this very important message on caregiving in her new children’s book, “Who Cares?”

“Caregivers often get little recognition for all the hard work they do, yet they have one of the most important jobs around,” Chanda adds. “I think we can make the world a more compassionate, caring place if we begin teaching littles61sszcg6vl ones right from the start about differences, adversity, and how to care well for those in need.”

This is the first book in her “Chan is a Caregiver” collection. In the series, she will touch on all sorts of different disabilities and caregiving topics, teaching little ones from a young age about differences and what it means to truly care for others.

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