Preventing Dog Bites and Knowing The Warning Signs with Animal Behaviorist, Tia Barbera

When it comes to dog bites, the animal will always give warning signs before it actually resorts to the defense mechanism.  Sadly, humans don’t always pay attention or listen to these warnings and

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that’s when the blame goes to the animal.

Tia Barbera, shelter manager and animal behaviorist with Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City breaks down the specific warnings signs that a dog will

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give when it feels threatened or becomes agitated with a human.  To see these warnings click on the Zoom video interview posted above.

Barbera also showcases a sweet dog named, Bella who is looking for her forever home.  She also features a kitty named, Dallas that is also up for adoption with Cherryland Humane Society.

To contact Cherryland to see about Bella or Dallas or any of the other animals looking for homes and how the adoption process works, click here.

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