Brewvine: Bel Lago Winery

“We have so many different wines on our card and we focus on every single line with the same intensity,” said Charles Edson, Founder and Winemaker, Bel Lago Winery.

That intense focus has led to the extensive wine card of delicious and complex wines at Bel Lago.

With summer right around the corner, they have a beautiful selection of bright, vibrant wines starting with their chardonnay.

“This is Chardonnay made 100% in stainless steel really vibrantly fruit driven, and it’s just explosive aromatics and this wine is really, really nice. And this, this wine is a little, a little bit richer, it’s got really beautiful aromatics as well. This Auxerrois, we’ve really come to like this variety a lot, we make three different wines from this variety,” said Edson.

In addition to their aromatic white wines, Bel Lago has created some nationally recognized red wines like their brilliant Pinot Noir.

“And we’ve worked really hard on making Pinot Noir now for, oh my gosh, a couple of decades, and we grow about 30 different clonal selections so 30 different selections of Pinot Noir, always looking for this selections that, that we can blend together that will make the best wine,” said Edson.

Bel Lago has a great atmosphere to enjoy their wide variety of wines.

In addition to the beautiful patio, they recently remodeled their tasting room to showcase not only their wine, but also the amazing view of Lake Leelanau.

“We’re really excited to open up our new tasting room this year, we completely refurbished the tasting room we expanded it so it’s larger. We created a large horseshoe bar, and put in glass, a lot of extra glass so that all of the people that are at the bar, tasting wines are now looking out over the lake,” said Edson.

From the tasting room, to the wines they make, for Bel Lago it’s all a labor of love.

“We are really passionate about what we do. We love what we do. And then we too get to sit around and sip these wines with dinner and enjoy them,” said Edson.

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