Wellness for the Family: Earth-Friendly Kitchen & Food Hacks

From the bag that carries your take-out to keeping individually wrapped snacks fresh, it’s no secret plastic can make our lives more convenient. Though a candy wrapper here and there may seemSustainability Overall Tools 600x300 harmless, the scale at which single-use plastic is used and improperly disposed of is difficult to imagine.  In fact, more than half of non-fiber plastics comes from packaging alone and annually equals 300 million tons, or about the weight of the human population. Unfortunately, plastic waste does not break down, and some size down to microplastics that can make their way to bodies of water, harm wildlife and make it back onto your plate as it’s commonly mistaken as food to fish or farm animals.

Single-use plastics certainly have their place, such as surgical gloves and syringes, but there are ways you can start reducing your use at home.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan dietitian, Shanthi Appelo gives us all the info for some ways to make our kitchen earth-friendly.

Watch the video above or head to A Healthier Michigan for more great wellness tips and tricks for both our bodies and mother-earth.


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