Traverse City Sauna Rental LIVE on ‘the four’

What do you do when you wake up to snow in late April?Capture
You warm up! And there is no better way to warm up than with Traverse City Sauna Rental coming right to your front door!

They came to Heritage House Thursday to show us how it works, and warm Melissa and Xavier up.

This sauna is fixed on a trailer and can be delivered to your location. Traverse City Sauna Rental will provide the basic set up including fire-starting materials, a bin of wood, a sauna water bucket with ladle and lantern.

Sauna use doesn’t just warm you up, it also has some health benefits. Some benefits include enhanced blood circulation, relaxed muscles, full body detox, increased oxygen in the bloodstream easing everyday aches and pains, healthier skin pores, and a space to clear your mind.

To learn more about Traverse City Sauna Rental, click here.

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