Goal: All State Owned Buildings to Use Green Energy by 2025

More solar panels, hydroelectric plants and wind turbines are spreading across the state and now the state is planning to fully power the government with them.

For Earth Day 2021, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that by 2025, all state owned buildings will be 100% renewable energy sourced.20210422 185937943 Ios Original

“That is just around the corner,” said Whitmer at the announcement Thursday.

Governor Whitmer says Michigan has to completely switch over all state run facilities to renewable sources, wind, water and solar.

“Today’s clean energy commitment by the state will serve as an example for companies and municipalities across Michigan to rise to meet this moment too,” said Whitmer.

She knows green energy is a hard sell when it comes to Michigan’s manufacturing history but she says steps can be taken to keep a balance between the two.

“We’re partnering with our big manufacturers to set aggressive goals as we think about 2050,” said Whitmer, “We know that none of us are going to be successful on these aggressive goals unless we’re all working together.”

That includes Consumers Energy themselves, with a goal to have 90% of all their energy coming from renewable sources in the coming decades.

Industrial and environmental issues have clashed in the past and the future will be complicated but the state believes both can thrive together going forward.

“I think you could argue we wouldn’t have our manufacturing industry if we didn’t have our natural resources,” said EGLE director Liesl Clark, “They are interwoven.”

As part of Consumers’ plan to meet those goals, the next solar farm they have coming online will be in Cadillac later this summer.