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Wellness Wednesday: Spring Nutrition Tips with McLaren Northern Michigan

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Spring is all about things being made new again– which means it’s also a perfect time for us to look at how we can make our bodies feel like new again,
An area so many of us struggle with is nutrition.
But how do we even start?
McLaren Northern Michigan is here to help us out!

“I really just want to start off, how important it is to look for trustworthy information when it comes to diets, because when you’re looking online, there’s a lot of information out there and it’s not always what’s best for your body,” said McLaren Northern Michigan Dr. Jay Anderson. “In general, if you are looking for diet advice, look for advice from reputable health system in the least, make certain that you are getting advice from a doctor or a licensed dietitian.”

Dr. Anderson’s tips include:

  • take a look at your calorie intake, work with your physician to make sure you are getting just enough
  • increase fruits and vegetables- no one’s getting enough of them!
  • increase fiber, especially with breakfast
  • make sure you are getting enough protein
  • overall– you want to make sure your body is getting enough of the nutrients it needs.

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