New Upgrades Coming for TART Trails

TART Transformation Project

Lots of construction happening in Traverse City lately!

All the digging is actually for the new TART Transformation Project. After nearly 30 years since the construction of the trails, it’s time to freshen it up. The trail segment between Three Mile

Marked Up Trail

Road and Airport Access Road is a priority section that is being repaired at the moment. This month, the trails are undergoing some major upgrades including repaving and widening the path, getting rid of the cracks and bumps, landscaping, and even adding some charming local artwork along the trail.

“To add some public amenities, that’ll include places for people to stop, enjoy. We’ll add some onsite recognition for all the generous donors, both public and private who’ve helped make this happen,” says Brian Beauchamp, Communications and Policy Director of TART Trails. “It’s really a community effort, collaboration, and that’s how these trails exist.”

TART Trails really depends on the support of the local community, and this project would not be possible without the help of our fellow trail users. The goal was to meet $15,000 securing a 1:1 matching donation from an incredibly generous donor.

For more information visit the TART Trails website.

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