Green Charter Township Puts Road Millage on May 4 Ballot to Fix Deteriorating, Dangerous Roads

In less than two weeks, voters in Green Charter Township in Mecosta County will be deciding on a millage to fix more than 50 roads that need repair.

“We have a lot of roads here that have deteriorated significantly,” says Jim Chapman, Green Charter Township supervisor.

The township is currently spending more than $50,000 year from the general fund on roads.

Chapman says without more help from the county or state, their roads will continue to deteriorate:

“We have potholes, we have broken up concrete, some of it is just the blacktop has deteriorated to the point where there’s no repair to it.”

According to the Paser report, listing the worst black top roads in the township, he Green Charter Township has 55 roads that need repair.

That’s why the township is putting the issue on the May 4 ballot for the voters to decide.

“We’ve had people come to us and say something more has to be done. At the same time, we have people that don’t want to pay more taxes, what’s the right way to do it, put it in front of the people and let them speak their mind,” says Chapman.

The township is proposing a road millage of 2 mills for the next five years. If passed the, millage would bring in around $1 million dollars. For a home valued at $100,000, the owner would pay $100 a year.

“We’ve got six or so major projects at this point that need to be done,” says Chapman. “It’s costing our people money just on vehicle repairs.”

Gary Scramling has lived in Green Charter Township for most of his life. He says the potholes on 205th avenue are dangerous for drivers.

“You look like a drunk driver when you’re coming down the road because you’re constantly swaying away from a lot of these holes,” says Scramling.

Scramling hopes for a resolution before someone gets hurt:

“I just hope it can get fixed. I don’t see any other way around it.”