Cadillac Receives State Recognition, Earning Redevelopment Ready Communities Award

The City of Cadillac was awarded the Redevelopment Ready Communities certification on Wednesday by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Cadillac is among more than 50 Michigan communities that have qualified as “thoroughly prepared.” The award recognizes the city’s planning and zoning ordinances to remove barriers and promote opportunities for future investors.

The city has been working to qualify for the certificate for the past four years.

One the most recent projects include developing the Cadillac Lofts that integrate residential living and business space.

Cadillac City Manager Marcus Peccia says, “It really is a great milestone that we’ve reached, the jobs not over, you have to continue working on certain things over time to maintain your certification.”

The award also opens the door for the city to be eligible for outside funding opportunities, like grants, by the state.