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Average Temperatures in Traverse City are Rising Faster than the National Average

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 to appreciate our Earth. We look back at the ongoing Climate crisis and how “Earth Day” itself has changed.

Traverse City has warmed 3 degrees on Earth Day since the first time it was celebrated in 1970. During the spring that can mean the difference between rain versus snow or freezing versus not. The average temperature between daily highs and lows on Earth Day, over the last 51 years,  was in the low 40s. Today the average temperature is 46. The white line is the trendline. The trendline shows us the trend in which our data is going. The trend is CLEARLY upward.

The United States is also on an upward trend as a nation as well.  Since Earth Day was introduced in 1970, the national average temperature was in the low 50s. Today it was risen to the mid 50s. The trendline shows that increase of 2.5 degrees.

Notice Traverse City has a higher increase in temperatures since the late 1900s.

The warming temperatures in Traverse City and across the globe are directly related to increases in carbon dioxide emissions from people that make it into our atmosphere.

The numbers on the left represent the change of temperature (in Celsius) and white line is the actual temperature plot since 1880.

The numbers on the right is the Carbon Dioxide in parts per million (ppm) and the red line is the plot of those numbers since 1880.

There is a clear correlation between temperature and carbon dioxide. As carbon dioxide increases temperature increases.

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Temp Change Co2

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