Mt. Pleasant Schools Issues Statement on Student Hair-Cutting Incident

In an update, Mt. Pleasant Public Schools has released a statement on a hair-cutting incident involving a biracial elementary student and a school staff member.

The father of the student says his daughter came home from Ganiard Elementary School with her hair cut late last month. He says the school offered no explanation as to why it happened.

Mt Pleasant Schools Statement

In the school district’s letter to parents, the district says the student had asked her friend, another elementary student, to cut her hair. The district says the student was unhappy with how the haircut looked and asked a school library employee to fix her hair.

A teacher was aware an employee was planning to cut the child’s hair. The library employee is also a cosmetologist.

Both employees have admitted their actions and apologized. Both are being reviewed for further disciplinary actions in accordance with the district’s policies and procedures.