Michigan GOP Calls for More Answers Behind Gov. Whitmer Travel

As cases were surging in Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer recommended Michiganders not to travel out-of-state. Monday night, it was uncovered she traveled to visit her father, sometime in March.

Now people have questions.

When Governor Whitmer made this trip out-of-state to visit her ailing father, there were no specific rules against doing so. Her office had put out strong recommendations against out-of-state travel.Whitmer

Michigan Republicans are saying they have no issue with her making a trip to visit her ailing father but have an issue with her doing something she said Michiganders shouldn’t.

“That’s the issue here today,” said Representative Steve Johnson of Wayland, “Is the gross hypocrisy that comes from this administration.”

“I think we need to ask why isn’t Governor Whitmer being forthcoming?” said Representative Matt Hall of Marshall, “Why didn’t she just volunteer that she went and did this?”

Tuesday at a press conference, the party compared the visit to Michiganders trying to visit their ailing family members in nursing homes, something that was restricted until March 2nd, before her trip.

In a statement from her office, “Governor Whitmer closely followed public health guidelines and trips were made when Michigan’s daily positivity rate was in low single digits.”

Some called for her arrest despite having no orders on the books but at least more questions answered going forward.

“We still have not received confirmation from her office on where she went, when she went and we want the flight manifest,” said Ted Goodman, spokesperson for the party.

Whitmer’s office says in the last six months she’s only made two other trips out of state, both were to Washington DC. One was for the inauguration of President Biden and the other was to visit in Michigan National Guard troops guarding the US Capitol.