Judge Rules Inman Bribery & Extortion Case Cannot Be Retried

A U.S. district judge ruled Larry Inman won’t face a retrial on bribery and extortion charges.

Federal prosecutors argued back in 2018 that Inman, who was representing Grand Traverse County, attempted to sell his vote.

Inman’s first trial ended with an acquittal on the charge of lying to the FBI. The other two charges ended in a hung jury.

Normally, a case can be retried if it ends in a hung jury.

The judge said this trial runs the risk of double jeopardy because Inman’s acquitted charge was tied to the other charges.

The judge also said a retrial could harm freedom of speech rights for campaign contributions.

Inman said yesterday he was relieved by the decision and said the judge upheld his constitutional rights and the jury system.