Running Fit Cleans Clinch Park for Earth Day

The 6th Annual Running Fit Earth Day Beach Clean Up kicked off at Clinch Park on Sunday.

Assistant manager, Alison Goss-Shaw, says every year their staff and volunteers look forward to giving back.

“We decided we needed to do something for Earth Day. We run these streets, we run these sidewalks everyday, we run the beaches everyday all throughout town. We needed to something to give back,” said Goss-Shaw.

This year they were unsure of how many volunteers to expect but were surprised to see so many young people willing to step up.

“It shows that our community really cares for our area. I mean yes we’re a tourist area and we get lots of influx of people, but I recognize all of the faces that are here today,” says Goss-Shaw.

Those participating were keeping track of what was left behind.

Volunteer Estelle Bellner said, “I found like a sign with a piece of plastic on it, I’m not sure about that…”

Gwyneth Spinach said, “I found some styrofoam, a whole frisbee, a board with nails in it.”

Another volunteer, Foster McCool said, “I’ve been cleaning up some bottles, cans, and styrofoam.”

Aliza Dupuye said, “This is what I found just in between some rocks and we found giant pieces of wood. She found a sandal.”45b654ae 163f 45a3 9bf3 0b0d46626229

A group of 6th graders from Cherryland Middle School say they’re excited to step up and start helping out.

“We have to train the next generation to care about the Earth because from what I’ve seen every generation just gets worse and worse at this stuff,” said Bellner.

They say Sunday inspired them to volunteer again.

“It’s actually kind of fun to see what you can find and you notice how much people just throw out and then you want to help more,” said Dupuye.

Running Fit will be doing another beach clean up at the start of the fall.