Harrison City Market Opens for Springfest

With summer right around the corner, city markets are starting to open back up.

This give local vendors the opportunity to show off what they’ve been working on over the last year.

Saturday was Springfest at the Harrison City Market.

“It’s a great feeling and we love their support,” said Organizer Kimberly Howell. “A lot of them come in pretty regularly and that’s why we try to keep things changed up.”

Local vendors come, set up tables, and are able to meet other business owners.

“It’s open year round. So we try to have special events. I usually contact different vendors so that we have different people all of the time,” said Howell.

She says their aim to be a stepping stone for new entrepreneurs.

“That’s what it’s all about. To help small businesses grow to where they can maybe go out on their own,” said Howell.

Howell says over the last year many of their vendors haven’t had as many opportunities to sell.

“It’s part of their livelihood and without them last year it just kind of went kaplunk because of COVID and a lot of people are struggling,” said Howell.Ee7472d1 4176 4c4d Bba3 7649477d897a

Vendor, Chris Carley, says since the pandemic the Harrison City Market has been helping her make a profit.

“The farmers market ends in October. So this gave me an opportunity to continue over the winter, which was really helpful. Helps the budget a little bit,” said Carley.

Carley hopes Springfest is the start of a busy summer.

“Now that we’ve got that momentum that it’s going to keep going, or at least I’m hope it going to keep going and the community is really just going to back us up,” said Carley.

They will also be open Sunday from noon to 3 p.m.