TentCraft honored by Michigan Celebrates Small Business

TentCraft in Traverse City has been instrumental in manufacturing medical tents for use during the pandemic and has been recognized as Business of the Year by the Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

PTAC is a nonprofit organization that helped TentCraft obtain a government contract in order to navigate the rules and regulations of selling their new tents to the government.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, demand for custom-printed tents disappeared and TentCraft had to find a new way to keep their employees working. The company shifted to making tents and shelters to support medical and containment needs.

“I see TentCraft as being a company that took advantage of the resources that were available to them,” said Cathy Fairbanks, PTAC Program Director with Networks Northwest. “There’s a lot of good businesses out there and you know you’d like to give them all the award but you have to narrow it down to one and TentCraft just stood out.”

TentCraft will be honored at the annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards Gala July 20 in Lansing.