Petoskey Restaurant and the Salvation Army Work to Feed Those in Need

For five years, J.W. Filmore’s Restaurant and the Salvation Army in Petoskey have been providing food for those who need it in the area.  

Every week, together they figure out how much they’ll need. “They let me know which meal they want, usually on Sunday and then we get it all ready and prepared through the week,” said Shawn Beer, Manager of J.W. Filmore’s. 

“They’re full dinners,” said Greg Irwin, envoy for the Salvation Army. “For instance you’ll have meatloaf, scallop potatoes, and green beans and a dessert and a roll. It rotates each week. Sometimes it’s fried chicken sometimes it’s roast beef.” 

The Salvation Army used to host the meals in their own building, but when the pandemic hit, they started making deliveries. Irwin said they deliver to shut-ins, the elderly, and those mobility impaired, including one woman who looks forward to it every week. “She said she looked forward to that because she said sometimes I was the only person that she actually talked to through the course of the week,” he said. “So we find that folks need not just the food but they need the fellowship as well.” 

When the food is ready to go, Mayor of Petoskey John Murphy picks it up and delivers it to the Salvation Army, where volunteers then go out for the deliveries. “We have a great community of people coming together to prepare the meals and then other people to deliver the meals to the public,” said Murphy. “If everybody does a little bit a lot gets done.”