Art, Nature Collide Beautifully at Walk of Art in Elk Rapids

It combines both the natural beauty of nature with the man-made beauty of art.Image 13 Med Hr

The Walk of Art in Elk Rapids has over 30 different sculptures on display, which has grown significantly from the six it started with in 2013.

Art Rapids is in charge of the gallery. The organization’s mission to enhance and promote the arts in the Elk Rapids area

Sculptures are selected by a jury and are on display for one to three years. They like three-year maximum is intended to keep the exhibits new, and allow for a new experience each year. Most of the sculptures are available for purchase.

This park is DOG FRIENDLY and open year round with a walk-in gate during winter hours. They say a stroll through the park and waterfront usually takes 30-40 minutes.

To learn more about the Walk of Art, click here.

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