Traverse City’s Stocked Making Food Delivery, Donations Easier

A Traverse City business is helping make your food deliveries easier and help with food pantry donations along the way.

Stocked was started eight months ago and provides an easy way to get your groceries and cuts the need to visit a grocery store – whether you’re in the Traverse City area on vacation and want food dropped off before your arrival, need a delivery right to your campsite or anything in between.

Recently, Stocked began a program that takes place every couple months to assist local food pantries by coming to your choice of location and picking up any donations that you have.

While the company’s radius is 20 miles, Stocked will make an exception for anyone willing to give.

“Leave it on their porch, we’ll come pick it up or if they want groceries delivered to them and then they also have a donation they can have us donate it,” Stocked owner Broc Crandall said. “To me, it’s pretty exciting for this experience. I’m just excited to see what comes about it.'”

Crandall says the donation pick up will continue once every few months.

To find more information, visit the Stocked website.

You can still make donations this month until Friday, April 23 by clicking here.