TCAPS Breaks Ground on Montessori School

The Traverse City Area Public Schools broke ground on a new project Thursday.

The TCAPS Montessori School will be the first TCAPS building building completely from the ground up.

This project was able to happen beachside of a millage thay was passed by the community back in 2018.C383dcdd 63c0 4969 B54a Fb4e7c1fafb1

On Thursday students, board members, and the superintendent were able to talk about how meaningful this school will be to over 500 kids in the area.

Principal Lisa VanLoo says she’s happy to see the project come to life.   “A lot of us drive by this area on our way. We’re only a mile from here. So, watching the landscape change and the the building come up everyday it’s just exciting.”

Construction for the TCAPS Montessori School is scheduled to be done in August this year.