Michigan Democrats Call Proposed Voting Bills an Attack on Democracy

Top Michigan Democrats are taking aim at Republican legislators who are attempting to pass bills that would tighten restrictions on voting in Michigan. Republicans say this is an effort to protect against voter fraud, while Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson calls it an attack on democracy.

“The party stands ready to support our legislative efforts of protecting our elections,” said Ted Goodman, communications director of the Michigan Republican Party. “Our elected officials are responding to the concerns of hundreds  of thousands if not millions of Michiganders who have legitimate concerns about election security.”

“Instead of following the facts and the truth and the data, Michigan legislators are choosing to be a part of a national, coordinated, partisan effort to restrict your freedom to vote,” said Benson. “They choose to legislate in furtherance of false claims and misinformation about the 2020 election, doubling down on the big lie that has been disproven again and again.”

If passed, these bills would force absentee voters to prepare and mail a photocopy of their drivers license along with their ballots, allow local officials the option to do away with voting drop boxes, and local clerks would no longer be able to prepay the postage on ballot return envelopes. Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey said that would make it harder on low income citizens to vote. “It is very clear that the legislators that drafted these bills clearly want to restrict the voting rights of the people of Detroit and other like communities and we’re not going to stand for it,” she said.

Benson says Michigander’s deserve to know that they’ll be able to vote in whatever way they can, and these proposed bills go against that. “They want to know that when they return their ballot before 8 p.m. on Election Day it will be counted,” she said. “They want the freedom to choose how to vote and know whatever option they select, in person or absentee, is safe and secure.”

Governor Whitmer has already said that she would veto voter suppression bills.