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Hook & Hunting: Walleye in East Jordan

What used to be a pond at East Jordan’s wastewater treatment plant will soon be home to 250,000 newborn walleye.

Wastewater operators will monitor the pond for water quality, zooplankton, fish growth, and PFAS contamination.

The pond hadn’t been used for some time and this is a way to utilize that resource. While it may be a while before these fish are mature enough to be caught and kept by anglers, it will add a great number of walleye to the local population.

“Its more fish for everybody to go out and catch, although they’re only going to be two inches long so it’s going to be a few years before you’ll be able to catch anything,” said East Jordan wastewater plant operator Kate Mowbray. “it’s just a great reuse of something that would just be sitting here idle.”

Mowbray says the walleye should be in the pond within two weeks.