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Wellness Wednesday: Spring Routine Changes to Improve Your Health with McLaren Northern Michigan

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Everything becomes new again throughout the spring. That makes is also the perfect time for you to make some changes to work towards being a better you!

The four’s Xavier Hershovitz talked with McLaren Northern Michigan Dr. Jay Anderson about some changes to we can all make to out routines that will really help improve overall wellness.

Dr Anderson says there are a few areas we should take a look at:

  • Sleep – going to bed and waking up same time, hours of sleep
  • Exercise – setup an exercise routine to go along with sleep schedule.
    • Maybe tie in Spring Clean your house
    • Spring Clean your neighborhood (pickup trash in along the road)
    • Help a neighbor or complete yardwork
  • Water
    • we are up to 60% water– we have to make sure we are getting hydrated everyday
  • Posture
    • working from home has taken a toll on a lot of us, keep in mind your posture affects a lot of your aches and pains

You can watch the interview above for more of Dr. Anderson’s tips.

McLaren also wants to remind everyone to always talk to your primary care provider before starting a new exercise routine or if you are having trouble sleeping.

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