Health Officials Report 7,955 New Coronavirus Cases, 33 Deaths

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Michigan health officials are reporting 7,955 new coronavirus cases and 33 additional deaths.

As of April 9, the cumulative total of recovered of COVID-19 cases in Michigan is 587,283.

On Wednesday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the MDHSS announced additional doses of monoclonal antibodies being made available to providers and requests to providers to expand the number of infusion sites in the state. 

“We are using every mitigation strategy, every medication, and every treatment option to fight the virus here in Michigan,” said Governor Whitmer in a release. “These antibody treatments could keep you out of the hospital and save your life, and my administration and I will continue working with the federal government to make sure we are using all the tools in our toolbox to keep you and your family safe and get back to normal sooner.”

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