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Covid 19

Greatest Fourth in the North Canceled for 2021

Due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, Lake City’s Greatest Fourth in the North has been canceled for this summer.

The decision comes after numerous discussions with committee members, local officials and the local health department.

The cancellation will bring less travelers to the area, potentially hurting businesses. However, with restrictions, especially on indoor dining, it would have been difficult to accommodate many travelers.

“As I look at the whole picture, I know we are still going to have visitors, still going to have people coming up. We didn’t cancel the national holiday,” said Lake County Area Chamber of Commerce executive director Michelle Reichert. “We are going to rely on the community to stay strong and keep supporting. Rely on our visitors that we do have come through to follow any restrictions and be safe. We are going to move forward.”

The chamber will continue to look for safe events to put on over the summer.

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