EGLE, U.S. Coast Guard, Cherry Capital Airport Address PFAS Contamination Sites

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy has been working to help home owners in the Pine Grove subdivision after elevated levels of PFAs were detected in residential wells.

Just last month those homes were switched to city water.

PFAS Investigation Site Lead for EGLE Ann Emington says, “The municipal water connections are now complete. Those began towards the end of February and were completed by March 19. So, all of the 18 residential wells are now hooked up to East Bay Township municipal water and the residential wells have been abandoned.”

After further investigation, they uncovered more contamination sites at Cherry Capital Airport and the U.S Coast Guard Station in Traverse City.

“They did some remedial investigation work in the area where they were sampling soil, ground water, and pond water,” says Emington.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the Coast Guard wanted to be transparent those in the community about where they found the chemicals.82f0ddfc 3a87 422b 8244 9a18d6f59ddc

Commanding Officer of Civil Engineering for the U.S Coast Guard in Cleveland, Commander Jeremy Hall, says, “we’re doing right by Traverse City and the folks the folks of East Bay Township.“

He says more tests are on the way.

Commander Hall says, “We’ve complete the preliminary assessment and that site investigation will lead in new paths and further delineation of this issue so that we can take the actions necessary to be part of the solution.”

Cherry Capital Airport says the state’s quick action proves their dedication to protecting the East Bay Community.

“PFAS knowledge is growing nationwide but Michigan is a leader in this field. Many states still lag behind on testing and cleaning criteria,” Airport director, Kevin Klein, says. “This is the beginning of our understanding about what is out there. We are working very hard to determine that path to delineate what is out there.”

Cherry Capital also plans to continue testing sites in their property.