Caught: DNR Traps Bear That’s Been Causing Mischief Around Traverse City for Months

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was finally able to catch a bear that’s been causing mischief around Traverse City for months.

“It’s a long time coming, he’s been a tough one to catch,” says Steve Griffith, wildlife biologist for the DNR.

Griffith says they believe this is the bear that’s been wandering around the Traverse City west Meijer parking lot, knocking over dumpers and stealing people’s bird feed.

After several attempts to trap the bear last fall, the case went cold, until this Wednesday morning.

The DNR was finally able to trap the bear at a local apartment complex.

“That’s why we encourage people to limit feeding of wildlife or just enjoy the natural food choices because you never know besides the cool songbirds, what you also might attract to your backyard,” says Griffith.

The DNR is now relocating the bear to a more remote location in the northern lower peninsula.