Traverse City Central HS Students Create Sweatshirt Company

A marketing class at Traverse City Central High School is learning some real world business skills and helping the community, as well.

Scenic Route Image“Once you can see how a business works by actually running it,” said junior Parker Kolody. “I think that’s the best way to actually understand and get the experience from the class.”

Each semester, students at Traverse City Central High School can take the junior leadership marketing class.

“We started learning some background information about entrepreneurship and a bunch of different product ideas,” said senior Sophie Poteet.

The goal of the class is to create a product to sell in order to learn the ins and outs of running a business.

“It was a long process of deciding the product,” said Kolody. “Even though we’re coming into the summer months, people are always going to be wearing sweatshirts.”

The students created “Scenic Route Sweatshirt Company” with the design inspired by what they see in their own backyard.

“We incorporate the Sleeping Bear Dunes and Lake Michigan and the lighthouse,” said Poteet.

Keeping with the northern Michigan influence, the class partnered with Threads Custom Gear in Traverse City to make their sweatshirts.

“When the class contacted us, we talked with them about what they wanted to do, what their artwork was,” said Josh Ludka, owner of Threads Custom Gear. “We kind of went through the process with them as to how to build their website too.”

All skills and experiences the students can take into their own futures.

“I had never considered entrepreneurship really, but I think this has really opened my eyes to even if I wanted to start my own company at some point,” said Poteet.

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