GTPulse: Local Podcast Collective Provides a Variety of Fresh Entertainment

Podcasts are my go-to for long car rides, cleaning, and those days when I don’t want to turn on the TV. Something about being drawn into a story or conversation makes it much easier for me to dig my heels into a task at hand. Over the past year, the pandemic has made podcasts more popular than ever. For the first time, more than 100 million Americans listened to at least one podcast per month last year. There are countless, wonderful podcast options to choose from that span a wide range of topics and I have a few to add to your list. 


Friends of GTPulse, The Boardman Review, and Cold Shower Media have partnered to create The Boardman Review (tBR) Podcast Collective – a trio of new podcasts created and hosted by locals of our very own. The Boardman Review Podcast, Breaking The Surface, and Improverbial are as different as they are entertaining.


tBR Podcast: Brothers Chris and Nick Loud are the duo behind Northern Michigan culture and outdoor lifestyle magazine The Boardman Review. They feature local photos, essays, videos, and more, quarterly through the year. Their podcast will delve deeper into finding out more about those stories and the creators behind them. “Chris and I had been thinking about a podcast for a while now as another medium of storytelling,” Nick said. “It’s something interesting we could get into in terms of talking to people who had been a part of previous issues and future ones.” Some past favorites of mine include a profile of a park ranger who watches over Power Island, and a personal essay about a long bike ride a son took with his father. The podcast will release once a month, sometimes in tandem with their monthly tBR newsletter. “They all complement each other,” Chris said. “We’re excited to promote different mediums of storytelling.”


Breaking The Surface: What do you get when a social worker, journalist, ethics teacher and pastor gather ‘round a table to discuss culture, politics, entertainment, and other topics on what’s going on in our society? Thought-provoking conversations that will support and/or challenge your own ideas. Host Taylor Cramer joins journalist Beth Milligan and Pastor Anthony Weber for the hour-long show, where their thoughts and knowledge add polish to the rough edges of tough topics. “We all contribute from our own backgrounds and make it make a really stimulating conversation, and make it fun too, even when it’s a little bit of heavier subjects,” Taylor said. Their most recent episode covers COVID vaccination. They discuss important things like eligibility, facts, misinformation, and how people are taking it all in. Episodes air every other week.


Improverbial: This lighthearted podcast features two locals who started an improv group. Lisa Thauvette and Pete Kirkwood explore old sayings from around the world and where they come from. They also have fun with inventing new proverbs of their own on the spot. “It is that type of content people are craving right now,” Taylor said. “It’s light, it gives people a break. But, at the same time, when you listen to it it’s really stimulating. It’s fun.” In their most recent episode, they dissect the old proverb ‘Old pots make good soup.’ Improverbial releases every other Friday.


Check them out on your favorite music and podcast streaming service – Apple, Spotify, Google Play, wherever!


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