Manistee Community Members Remove Invasive Species at First Street Beach

Community members in Manistee spent Saturday morning cleaning up and clearing out an invasive species in an area of First Street Beach.

The cleanup was the first step of a much larger project.

“The community stepped up again and did an amazing job,” said Tom Oele, Vice-Chair of the Manistee Parks Board.

The invasive species taking over the area is honeysuckle.

“In this case, the honeysuckle harms the environment with the hardwood,” said Oele. “The honeysuckle just takes it over and the hardwood can’t get the sun it needs, so it starts dying.”

The removal of the invasive species took several volunteers and hard labor, but it helps out the community.Capture

“Honeysuckle is a constant maintenance program to keep in check. It usually falls by the wayside in a lot of park systems agendas because there is much more to do, so this is where volunteer work is huge,” said Oele.

One of the volunteers who played a big part in removing the invasive species was Dyllan Walker.

Walker says volunteering in a project like Saturday’s makes him feel good. He also likes getting involved in the community and seeing things get done.

However, Saturday’s work was just one part of a much larger project.

There will eventually be a family disc golf course in the area where the volunteers removed the honeysuckle.

Oele says the best way to describe the family disc golf course is to think of mini-golf but disc golf.

The Manistee Parks Commission plans for the family disc golf course to be completed by this summer.