Michigan Announced Effort To Boost Vaccine Access at Colleges, Universities

As cases rise, the state is working to vaccinate students on college and university campuses in the coming weeks.

Earlier this week, we told you about rising case counts in Isabella County including at Central Michigan University.

Their seven day case average now close to 20 cases per day, the highest since mid-November.

The numbers at Ferris State are slightly lower but still trading up, with the university reporting 27 active cases.

“Certainly we are seeing and increase at Central Michigan University. I believe yesterday they reported 33 positive cases, so it’s been a kind of training up recently but that kind of goes along with what we’re seeing in the community as well,” said Steve Hall, Health Officer with the Central Michigan District Health Department.

That’s part of why the state is sending 16,000 doses of the one shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine to local health departments to vaccinate college students before they return home or graduate.

“We we’ve had some planning sessions and we’re actually looking to do a large mass Johnson and Johnson clinic we’re going to kind of combine our sources of Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and do a mass clinic there at Finch Field House, and certainly the students are going to get the first dibs on scheduling all those appointments because that is what that program’s for,” said Hall.

It’s one more step in a ramped up vaccine effort by the state to try and get ahead of a dramatic surge in cases.

“You’re really seeing in some cases, younger people are even seeing hospitalizations, so that the quicker we can get people vaccinated the better,” said Hall.

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